Rised in Palma de Mallorca with Spanish/ Latin heritage, César started his acting studies in the Nancy Tuñón Studio in Barcelona, later moving to Madrid where he continued developing his skills, at Bululú 2120 Studio, where he did a regular acting program and worked on various short movies and university movie projects.

He later received a scholarship for Edgemar Center of the Arts in L.A.

Having worked in different environments and formats such as dancing, acting, musicals, tv series and films, César is a versatile actor with great adaptability.

He is also been trained in various contacts sport such as boxing, muay thai and MMA amongst others, which give him a great fighting scene technique. César is also skilled in other sports such as football, tennis and basketball in which he has competed since childhood.


ALTURA 185 | CAMISA 39 | AMERICANA 52 | PANTALON 42 | CALZADO 43 | OJOS Marrones | CABELLO Castaño osc.


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